Common Issue... Not connecting to Wi-Fi

My Rachio 8ZULWC is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network. I’ve followed all the steps. REPEATEDLY. The issue is not the wi-fi network. Please assist.

It might be helpful to post what kind of wireless router(s) you are using and what version of the operating system (iOS, Android, or ?) you are using for the app. I presume you have gone through steps such as:

Is this a new controller (trying to connect for the first time)? If it was previously working, are you aware of what may have caused the problem e.g. new router, power failure?

Were you able to get the controller ‘awaiting Wi-Fi’ (quadrant 2 blinking)? If not, provide details.

When you attempt to update Wi-Fi with the app, do the light states change? What error message do you get?

ISP? Modem make/model? Separate router make/model (if any)? Separate Wi-Fi access point(s) make/model (if any)?

Device you used to attempt setup, including Android or iOS version? What other device(s) did you try? What other devices do you have access to, e.g. spouse’s, kid’s, or parent’s phone running a different OS version? Do you have an Android or iOS tablet? A Windows, Mac or Linux PC with Wi-Fi?