Combining AD and Root Depth

Just a thought, but a possible UI simplification might be to combine AD and root depth into a single setting. Internally I think Rachio just multiplies these together anyway. You can see this by doubling you root depth and halving your AD or vice versa: there should be no effect on your schedule. For example, 12" root depth and 25% AD is equivalent to 6" root depth and 50% AD.

The single setting might be “maintain moisture to depth”. A UI preference could split these apart again, but having fewer numbers to think about might be easier for most who might want to venture into the Advanced settings.

What do you think? Is it more intuitive to set the two numbers or just have one?

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Root depth is also used to compute field capacity by multiplying by the water coefficient for the soil type. So it can’t be merged with AD.

I think the single combined setting could be more confusing to some users.

Instead of AD though, I would prefer it if the absolute moisture level was tracked, and the setting was minimum moisture level. I have made the mistake of lowering AD when wanting to allow the zone to dry out more between waterings.

I agree that it may not be intuitive for everyone, which is why I was thinking it could be an option in the UI. I can’t see anything different in the Rachio calculations as long as AD * root depth is a constant, all things being equal. Is there a difference? To show the wilting point and “absolute” moisture level I agree you’d need all three numbers.