Climate Skip


Maybe I’m not fully understanding this, but according to the article on climate skip, it’s basically saying that if any one zone is going fall below MAD, then the entire schedule will run. It seems like this should be done on a zone by zone basis if there are several other zones that wouldn’t require watering until the next interval. Am I understanding this correctly?


Yes. It is recommended to group like zones in schedules. Unless you have a tree or shrub zone, this shouldn’t be an issue.



Ok…Thanks! Will the moisture graphs continue to work with the as needed schedules?


No, just for flex, but you shouldn’t need that level of detail anymore. If you want, run a couple side by side and that’s what we will be doing this Spring and Summer for even more improved schedules next year :wink:



Can you set priority for the zones? I would prefer my drips run last as I don’t care if they run until the afternoon, but not my spray heads.


No, might be easier just to add to a different schedule. I wouldn’t recommend mixing zone types.



Well, one thing the moisture graphs (and the fill/empty) did is let us compare actuality with prediction and make corrections. Seems to me that it is still valid to check what Rachio thinks the moisture content is with what I can measure and make adjustments as needed. After all, all the parameters that go into these calculations are just approximations in the first place.


But then you stack the schedules (rather than than interleave) cycle soak times… Makes for REALLY long total time


So that means we best setup for each zone its own schedule? Unless you really have the same characteristics in multiple zones. In previous version Rachio was looking at each zone and decided if it needs to skip or not based on its MAD. Why would we now do that on a more global (per schedule) base?


@sbillard, @steve28, @rwabel – great questions! I think I’ve answered a few already…let’s move these questions to this thread :wink: