Clearing Errors in APP, that are not on Website

I’m seeing errors for low flow on all my zones due to a common valve wire accidentally being broken by my landscaper. Ok makes sense, no harm no foul. I corrected the problem on 5/1 and was able to clear all the errors in the APP, the orange line on the top of zones is what I’m talking about.

Clearing the errors is a very unintuitive process BTW, this needs to be much easier and a more intuitive process.

Now, keep in mind the problem is resolved and the website DOES NOT show the errors. However after all the server issues that sprung up around 5/4, my APP is showing the errors again as if they are still valid and I am unable to clear them now.

Here’s what I have done to try to resolve this:

  1. Cleared out ALL data and cache in the app.
  2. Ran the “quick run” 3 minute test on a zone.

Low flow errors are still showing in the app.


  1. How do I resolve this?
  2. Is this unusual? shouldn’t the app and server data stay in sync?

Peter K