CIMIS network?

I’ve used the California Irrigation Management Information System to get ETo prior to Rachio (hooray, no more manual daily ET checks!). Anyway, its weather station network would be of great value to those in farming communities throughout California. It would certainly provide a closer station for me.

CIMIS has a nice API but I don’t know if it is usable or even allowable for Rachio to use.

That said… it feels like a burden is lifted not having to check ET now. The crop ET seems right when checking against ETo. Nice job, Rachio.

I’ve looked into it. Seems that hourly data is the best resolution possible for the data. I guess it would be good enough for Rachio, so I may end-up implementing support for it (within wufyi solution), but set your expectations accordingly.

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My house is about 4 blocks from CIMIS station #044 (U.C. Riverside) and it appears that it’s much more accurate than my PWS. In the peak heat of the day there is a 5 degrees temperature difference. I’m looking at writing my own process to pull weather data from the CIMIS station and push it to a Wunderground pws. Here’s a link to the CIMIS stations.


I’ve tried using the API interface for CIMIS network, but it seems to be very intermittent (API gateway stops responding for several hours each day). Let me know if you run into the similar issue @crc2004

I’ve played around with a workaround to use CIMIS FTP, but got side tracked with my day job. I’ll see if I can finish up the interface this weekend.


This I want to see, automated FTP!


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I’ve also found the API to be unreliable. Didn’t know they had an FTP.