Checking if I have clay soil and how deep my roots go

Hi, Everyone

Trying to find my root depth and what type if soil I have.

I have 3 schedules. 2 zones on each schedule. 2 flex daily schedule and 1 fixed schedule

This morning I went and dug out some grass to check the soil type and root depth. In a good area of my grass the roots look to be at best 3-1/2”.

The soil, so far I’d say is clay. I haven’t did the jar test yet and may not. The soil has all the characteristics of clay. It’s very sticky in my hands, hard to get off my shovel, doesn’t break apart however you can pull it apart if trying.

I’ve only checked one of my zones. I’ve got 4 grass zones and a total of 6 zones, as 2 are drip zones.

In my Rachio advanced settings I moved the soil to silty clay the other day but still have the roots at 6”

After checking this morning, I’m not sure if I should change the soil to clay and the roots to at least 3-1/2”

Opinions please

Look at the pictures. I can have my hands sideways in the air and the soil rolled up and it sticks to my hand for about 5-6 seconds before it falls off.

Do you think I have clay?


Have you checked the web soil survey website? It is a great place to start, short of a mason jar test. What people think is clay, may not be as such.

@steeve725, that is most definitely clay. You can also do a ribbon test by squeezing it between your thumb and forefinger. The longer the ribbon the more clay.

I did go to this site, and i find where I can input my address, I put my address in and it zooms to my street.

I try to create and AIO by clicking on it and it doesn’t create one, so I can’t get past that step