Changing Settings and Watering Time

When I first set up my iro, I set shade and soil levels. I have since changed (corrected) soil types and shade settings. None of the changes have adjusted watering times on my auto schedule, shouldn’t the watering times changed based on the changes I made?

Have you hit the refresh button on the picture of the controller(bottom left of it, grey, faint) on the main calendar view?

@flockacons‌ We’re currently designing how this will work. Changing zone attributes won’t currently automatically recalculate your schedule. What you can do is delete the existing watering time and create a new one.

The new one will take into account your new zone settings. It isn’t ideal, but we’ll make it simpler to do soon.

If you want to see what a new schedule looks like before deleting an old one, you can create a new one first, check out the durations, and if acceptable, go ahead and delete the watering time you’d like to replace the new one with.

I just started to write a post about this same thing when I came across this old post and am having the same problem. Any chance that a refresh/recalculate recommended times is available? I just made a few tweaks to my zone settings (soil type, sun/shade, etc.) and wanted to have the Rachio recalculate the recommended times per zone. I do realize the work-around of creating a new schedule is available, but a dedicated button to recalculate would be more practical.

Also, if I change the watering days from the default of “repeating every x days” should the recommended watering times change as well or is that only a feature of Flex? I would think the Fixed schedule would take the frequency of watering into account when recommending watering times along with sun, soil, root depth, etc.

In our backlog to revisit the whole fixed schedule functionality. I have a lot of things I want to incorporate. This is more than likely a Winter project for us.

It should, but does not right now. Another thing we are going to revisit.