Changing ownership of a controller

I just bought a house with a Model 8ZULW-8 controller. The previous owner erased the Rachio app from his phone but for some reason, it does not allow me to connect my phone in the app. It says the controller is already in use.

Any advice? Hard reboot to clear out the previous owner’s info? Does Rachio have access and can switch owners?

If you PM me the serial number and a picture I will have the engineering team remove from the old account.


Sorry, PM means?

If you click on my name you can private message me.


You’ve probably solved this by now, but for the benefit of others finding this thread:

Deleting the app does not remove a controller from his account.

Ask him to log in to from his computer or phone, go to Controller Settings and choose Remove Controller. No app required.

Or, ask him to give you the email and password for his Rachio account so you can remove the controller.

Or, go to and follow the Forgot Password path, entering his email address. Then, send him an email asking him to forward the message he just got from Rachio to you. If he provided a warranty with the sale, remind him that failing to forward the reset link may result in a warranty claim.

I tried the suggestion by Stewart, no luck.

Any other suggestions?

If you send me the serial number and picture of the serial number I can have the team remove it from a previous account.

I removed the controller from my account as was suggested by Stewart.

Now what? It does not connect to my Spectrum wifi account.

I cannot add it back to my account very easily and all the set up information is gone.

Sorry if I was not clear. I assumed that it was in the previous owner’s account and tried to provide help for removing that, so you could add it to your account.

What devices do you have that you can use for setup? Which have you already tried? What error(s) occurred?