Changing from "Flex Daily" to "Flex Monthly"

I am starting this new thread but its caused be the problems defined in my post Ice, Ice, Baby. Basically watering while its freezing out.

The Rachio tech suggested this move as it allows user definable parameters for temperature under the heading Weather Intelligence" Now I’m not so sure.

“Freeze Skip” allows me to set a temp for the controller’s single weather check one hour before starting THE SCHEDULE. I am sitting here wondering what temperature to choose that will properly anticipate both the maximum temp drop after the check, and the margin of error from the weather station’s air temp reading and my ground temp!

I’ve concluded that’s impossible to get right. But it’s worth understanding that the weather intelligence in Flex Daily does not check for anticipated temps during the watering cycle (yes?) it just checks the actual temp. I am assuming flex monthly doesn’t either.

So what’s the right setting for Dallas Texas? I have 12 zones with all but two on rotors.

As an FYI and question, “Rain Skip” asks the same impossible question, how much rain should skip the next water schedule? Rain where? When does it check?

Good info here!

Most standard freeze sensors shut systems off at 37 degrees.

Since you’re in North Texas, I’d suggest 1/2" setting for rain. But if you want to be precise, you will need on site monitoring with a rain/freeze sensor.

A recommendation: Once we have had a hard freeze and plants/grass go dormant, shut the system off until Spring.

No more yells from the wife until Spring. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the info. After my first summer getting familiar with Flex daily, now I am learning flex monthly. Making the switch doesn’t seem to be going right as all the zones are now watering very little. I have well water so i am really interested in making sure everything is watered well, not the least possible.

Sprinklerman hit the nail on the head. Too cold for too long and it’s time to shut it down.

On another note, with cooler weather, be sure to irrigate after sunrise to avoid the frost zone on the time clock. This us usually the full hour leading up to sunrise.

When warm weather is eminent, be sure to be done with your irrigation by sunrise so that your water has a chance to get into the ground prior to the commencement of evaporation.

You can monitor your requirements by keeping up with the Evapotranspiraton rates for each day and see how the Rachio responds accordingly.

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