Changed nozzles - water time stayed the same

I have a grass yard which is on two zones. I entered the two zones identically and my Iro correctly said each would water for 60 minutes every 3 days. One zone has always required less watering time than the other. So I changed the nozzle on one zone to custom at 0.9 in/hr. The other zone stayed the same at 0.7 in/hour. But in the water schedule it still says it will water them 60 minutes each. I even deleted the watering schedule and re-added it - still 60 minutes each zone. Shouldn’t one zone be about 20% less?

Hi @runn753, good morning. Thanks for reaching out. I’ll provide some feedback below:

At this time, 60 minutes is our max duration for recommended run times. This can be overwritten within your watering time.

Do these have different nozzles? Or just require less water? If they are the same nozzle, then we could make an adjustment within the advanced settings for Allowed Depletion

Based upon the vegetation type, we’re still thinking you need to water over 60 minutes, so we capped the duration at 60 minutes. I’m curious if we have the wrong vegetation selected? Or need to adjust the advanced settings? Could you email us at with your veg type, zone square footage, number of heads and precip rate for your nozzle(s)? Additionally, if you could share with us how long you think the zones should be running for, we’ll help you review these duration times for accuracy.

Thanks, Emil