Certain Days and Certain Intervals

I’m puzzled. It seems that you would either use certain days or certain intervals. However in the web app you can only select certain intervals, but you can’t only select certain days. For example in the yard I would like to set 3 days a week so that it never waters the lawn on the day the lawn guy comes.

Hi @garmanmd,

Sorry for any confusion on the web app. To switch between days and internals, simply click on the column you’d prefer and it will disable the other common. Screenshots attached as an example.

Certain Days

Certain Interval

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

Ok where I’m confused. In the first example there are checks in both columns so how does the system know which one you want to use. The second example is quite clear as only interval is checked. But I can’t get the equivalent in the first example since there seems to be no way to uncheck the interval boxes.

Hi @garmanmd,
The system uses whatever your last choice was (certain days or an interval). Whichever one you’re not using should appear grey-ed out (ie: in the first image certain days are used, in the second image a 3 day interval is used).


Thanks, I can now see a very subtle gray pattern. It might be helpful in future version is both choices worked same way (ie had not check boxes). Maybe I’m the only guy who can’t figure it out.

@garmanmd Our 2.0 Webapp being released in May will present this in a much easier way to choose days/intervals.