Can't stop schedule watering after update

I’ve got two problems after the app update.

First is I can’t figure out how to stop an ongoing schedule. I can’t find the button, it used to be easy, now I can’t find it.

Second is that schedules seem to lock on now. I’ve got a timed automatic pond top up on my system, and it was still topping up 3 hours after it should have finished. I had to start another zone to turn it off (I gave it a restart, and hasn’t done it since, so far).

Any ideas?

@Columnmn We recently pushed a fix for the long run issue. Your device seems to be offline and may not have received the updated calendar. Also if your device goes offline the remote for current run goes away after you restart the app. Possibly this is what caused difficulties finding the button. Please let us know if you experience this issue after you bring device back online. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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I was trying to stop it running yesterday, and I couldn’t find the stop button.

Where is it now?

I just check it, and it does appear to be offline, no idea why though. I’ll check when I get home.


I am also unable to stop a running schedule. This used to be easy. What is the new method?