Can't stop a single zone manual run in 2.5

If I want to test a zone I HAVE to let it run for a minute. The “Run” button no longer changes to be “Stop” after I start the manual run. Seems this has been reported in the past and it’s back in 2.5.

The remote should still work as before, don’t believe that was changed.

What client are you using?


iOS 9.3.1 iPhone 6s Plus. Like was posted in 2014, I have to hard close the app and come back into it and then the “Stop” appears. Definitely a bug that wasn’t there before upgrade. I’ve been using this feature a lot at the beginning of the season as I troubleshoot issues.

Ok, we haven’t experienced that but will have iOS team try to reproduce what you are experiencing. We’ll do a patch release once we have identified issue. Have you tried closing and re-opening the remote?


By remote I’ll assume you mean the app. If I hard close the app it works again. Quite frustrating.

I just meant the ‘X’ on the remote which closes it, then re-open it (without killing the whole app).

We will try to reproduce the issue you are experiencing.


Ah… ok I just tried that, but no luck. Had to close the app entirely.

Thanks, our team will release a patch tonight that might help the issue you are seeing, will let you know when it is released so you can see if helps with issue you are experiencing.


This should be fixed now.