Can't save geolocation


Hi I put in my updated geolocation and try to save but it doesn’t . I’ve tried Ie and Chrome… nothing.
I’m on Gen 2.


Hi @tazjamez-
Are you hitting “Save Settings” at the bottom of the device settings before closing out of that window? It will let you close out the settings box without hitting save after changing things with no warning, which can cause some issues for users!
McKynzee :rachio:


Yup am hitting that. Any other ideas?



I was able to reproduce the issue and will have our Web app team fix tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.



Ok- I just ran into the exact issue on my account. However- I did notice that if I changed the geolocation, hit save settings, refreshed the page, and looked again, while it didn’t seem like it took the first time it would be correct after I refreshed. Can you see if this helps?


Either way this is a software issue I will report to the team, I just want to make sure we can get that location updated ASAP :slight_smile:



@mckynzee is correct, it does actually save, but you need to refresh the page. I’ll have the dev team make sure it shows the correct value(s).



Thanks Gents. Agree - does show after refresh.


@tazjamez Glad to hear it!



This should now be fixed. Thanks for your patience! If you are still seeing the issue its probably due to browser cache. Opening a new browser window should resolve the issue.