Can't reconnect to wifi

Rachio Gen 2, had to change my wifi. Reset Rachio, went through steps to reconnect. Phone app shows my 2.4ghz network but when I enter the password I get “Unexpected error”. Reset several times and tried again, same result. Any hints? Rachio was working fine prior to Comcast coming to fix internet signal. Ended up with an upgraded modem with both 5ghz and 2.4ghz. Rachio is exterior on outside wall of house, modem is centrally located in house. Signal seems fine.

Additional info:

Model - 16ZULW-B
Ser. Number - CR0522589

Bottom light is on solid, next light up is blinking.

Fixed. Changed network password and new one works. Have no idea why as the old one was good too but who cares. Got a lawn watering as we speak so good to go.


Glad to hear you are reconnected @hdsteele :smile: