Can't get Gen 2 Controller Connected

I would appreciate some help please. I can’t figure out how to get my newly installed Gen 2 Controller working.

The Gen 2 controller came in a box with an instruction sheet for people like me with a currently running Gen 1 unit. I’m trying to follow these instructions to the best of my ability.

I have completed Step 1 (remove my Gen 1 unit) and Step 2 (mount, wire, and connect power to my Gen 2 unit).

Before starting on Step 3 I added the MAC address printed on the Gen 2’s backplate to my router’s Wireless MAC Authentication (something I have to do to limit access to my wireless network by allowing only those devices with specific MAC addresses; I had to do the same with my Gen 1 unit).

Step 3 says to make sure I have the latest version of the Rachio app. I have version 2.3.18-168.

I don’t know how to “…make sure i have the latest …” Can someone help?

I also don’t know if this is in reference to the phone or on-line app.

I don’t know where to find the version of the on-line app I’m using (, much less update the online app if I’m not using the correct one.

Not off to a very good start with this Gen 2 unit. Would appreciate some help on what my next step should be.

Thank you.

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Can you send these questions to []?

Someone from that team will be able to get you up and running with your Gen 2 unit.



done. Thanks. Bill

So what is the a actual issue? I’m assuming that the final step fails?


I was unable to understand the instruction sheet as provided by Rachio in the box containing my Gen 2 system.

Step 3 says: Open the Rachio app and set up the Gen 2 unit. …"

I wasn’t able to figure out if this referred to a smart phone app or the web interface.

I looked for it on my phone, but, didn’t see that I was supposed to press on the name of my Gen 1 unit at the top of the screen.

I looked for it on my web interface. I couldn’t find any place to start.

Got stuck, thus, and posted here in support section. Got nice note from Franz telling me to instead send email to support group.

Found out Rachio has assembled a small army of support people, and, they work on Sunday. A nice technician unsolicited called, on Sunday, and walked me through everything.

Suggestions for Rachio:

  1. Change wording of instruction sheet to clearly say that it’s only a smart phone that can be used (in Step 3) to set up a Gen 2.

  2. Change wording of instruction sheet to elaborate on what it means to "set up the Gen 2 unit (wasn’t obvious to me at all.)

  3. Give the guy who helped me a gift card to Starbucks. He didn’t belittle me or make me think that I was just one of many who isn’t very smart.

  4. Pat themselves on the bat for changing the set up interface mechanism from that horrendous blink up technology (last year Rachio had to send to me an iphone just so could initialize my Gen 1 unit - my Samsung S4 was just not compatible).

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