Cant create a new schedule on Gen 1

I have a gen 1 that I am working with. I wanted to change an existing schedule by adjusting the zones and times. When I adjusted the program and tried to save, it wouldn’t save. No error or anything was displayed. For giggles, I tried the same on the Android app and got an error that the program was too complex.
So, I deleted the program in favor of just recreating it. Thus far, I have recreated the program several times from the web client, but each time at the last step of saving, the dialog just spins. The new program wont create. I have no idea as to why.
Unfortunately I am not at home so I cannot power cycle the unit to see if that helps in some way.

Any ideas I can try?

Just an update… I’ve tried creating the schedule on the Android app and I get an error that the schedule is too complex, try reducing watering times. This schedule is 8 zones 6 minutes each. Not sure how complex that can be…

Next update. I deleted a bunch of saved, but unused schedules, and modified another one to fit my needs for now. Still disappointed at the issue of not being able to create a new schedule. I wonder is it because I had too many schedules saved?

Hey @cgendreau!
My best guess here is you have too many saved schedules, like you said. For Gen 1s, we don’t recommend more than 8 saved schedules. On Gen 2s you can have up to 16. How many saved schedules did you have? Did you have a need for all of them? Don’t want you to have to delete them if they are necessary!
McKynzee :rachio:

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I had the same problem on my Gen 1 last year when I had WAY too many schedules defined. The device has only so much memory for schedules (from what I remember being told), and the Gen 2 can handle more schedules.

That said, once I understood more what I was doing, my schedules have come way down – Three Flex schedules (one for lawn, one for drip zones, and one for an annual zone that is not drip and I want watered at a different time than my lawn). Then I have 3 Fixed daily schedules for overseeding the lawn - one for the morning, one for noon and one for afternoon. Any other schedules I have are strictly for testing. It is really fairly easy to combine zones into one schedule and have it work well.

And with the changes in scheduling that they are making for next year, I’m hoping that my overseeding schedules will become one schedule.

Of course, if you have a lot of watering restrictions, it might be a little harder to combine things. Again, it sounds like the Rachio team is working on a solution for that as well.


Yeah, thanks for the reply here everyone. It seems like it is an issue with too many schedules. Would be nice if I got an accurate error message that I could handle appropriately.

Regardless, I shouldn’t have the issue anytime soon since I have completed my overseeding and have been able to delete those 4 schedules. Hopefully a better solution is available next season when I need to bring the summer grass back!

Thanks all!