Cannot test sprinklers


I just put in sod and I want to test my sprinklers…it just rained and I am not able to run a quick test. System says it’s running but nothing. This happened the other day, after it rained.

I have removed the weather station and the schedule, I even tried your answer for turning off notifications…still won’t come on.

Any suggestions


@Ki11mer1 - by chance is there a rain sensor in-line on the common wire? When wet, that will prevent the system from actually running even though the app says it is running.


Is your wiring up to snuff, no breaks, waterproof wiring nuts on connections? Seems if this only happens after a rain, that there is a wiring issue at hand…

Or as @DLane said, a rain sensor in place causing it not to water…


It was a wiring issue. I changed a valve box and probably nicked some wires. Rewired the valves and all is good. Thanks for the help.