Cannot figure out overseeding scheduling

I need to program one large rotor zone (9 rotors) and 1 spray zone to water everyday about five times a day for a few minutes. I have tried and tried to make a fixed schedule but I cannot find any cycle and soak to break up the total run times. Frustrated


If the zones are only running for a few minutes, I’m guessing not long enough for smart cycle to kick in.

Here is a matrix of different zone characteristics with maximum recommended runtimes.


I don’t think it will do that. You have make a different schedule for every start time.
If somebody can tell us how to have a given schedule with multiple start times, I’d appreciate it.

That’s what I do.

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Sounds like an idea to improve the app. Why can’t we create a schedule that waters multiple times per day, every day, for x minutes each time? This would be much less hassle for everyone when they overseed

Hey Clayton!
There is actually a thread for an overseeding schedule request in product suggestions right here: New Grass Seed Option. If this is something you would like to “vote” for, you can comment and let us know more details on how you would like to see this feature work. All of these product suggestion threads are read and logged to collect data for the product team! There is also some good info on workarounds for easier ways to water an overseeded zone :slight_smile:
McKynzee :rachio:

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