Cannot add Zone to Schedule

[via Web management interface]
I removed a Zone (Rear Sod Lower Popups) from a Schedule (Summer) earlier this year after reseeding and assigning that Zone to 9 temporary (now gone) Schedules configured to make those heads water for a minute once per hour while the new grass was maturing.
Now I cannot reassign the Rear Sod Lower Popups Zone to the Summer schedule; I get a message “Error Updating Schedule” after clicking Done on the Zones page (from my Summer Schedule page). As a test, I removed my Rear Sod Upper Popups Zone from that Schedule, and now I cannot put that Zone back into the Summer Schedule either (same error message).
Help @franz !

Did you try on Android or iOS?


Thanks for the quick reply @franz.
It works correctly on Android (although it’s called Calendar there, not Schedule).
I have also verified that the web approach still shows the same problem after setting things right via the Android app.
Consider this a Bug Report, I guess!
Thanks for the help.

Great thanks, I will provide this information to our web engineering team.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention @bde
the web team has released an update today which should correct this issue.

thank you again for your thoughtful and thorough description of the problem.


@benpaige, @franz:
Thanks guys. It appears to work perfectly now!


Also having this issue on the web app. Trying to add a zone to an existing schedule gives “Error updating Schedule”

Works on Android