Can zones work independantly

I have one controller and 3 zones, how can I set so that watering can happen while another zone is soaking

Are all three zones on one schedule? If so and you have cycle & soak turned on, it should do what I think you are asking.

Currently I have them scheduled separately, but you are saying that I should have one schedule for all zones with cycle and soak.
Is this correct?




Thank you


Dan, are all three zones different vegetation? Or are they all lawn?

Good point @chris, I was just thinking all three are lawn, but they might not be. If they are all lawn, is there a reason you set them as three schedules?

Nope, if they’re all the same type, one schedule works great. Sometimes if you have garden or tree zones mixed with lawn zones in either Fixed or Flex Monthly schedules you can start to see some wonky runtimes.

I use one schedule for all the lawn zones. Drip lines are currently on another schedule. I may or may not split the drip lines into two schedules after I do some more zone splitting. I have heard of some splitting lawn zones into two schedules to get them alternating or something especially if finishing before sunrise. Curious about your setup @Clown and why you maybe chose to do it the way you did.

Except for working around the Finish Before Sunrise bug, is there a reason not to have all zones on the same Flex Daily schedule? I currently have 10 zones on a single FD, so curious if this needs to be changed.

I have all my lawn zones in one schedule, and I think it works better to manage the cycle and soak. I have my drips in a different Flex Daily schedule since they can run during the daytime. That allows my lawn to start later in the wee hours of the morning.

I opted a long time ago not to use the “end before sunrise” option. I preferred to look at the longest duration and let it end an hour or so after sunrise if all the zones ran at once.

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