Can you skip and am i allowed to cycle the system HELP!

Forgive me if these questions have been answered before, but looking through all the articles I couldn’t find anything on my inquiries. I am new to using this system and being a first time homeowner new to the whole watering the lawn thing. A little background on why I am asking the questions, I recently had the local water conservancy come out and after checking my system they recommended that I begin watering every 6 days in may and shortening the time between watering as the summer approaches. Also due to having a clay type of soil they recommended that I cycle the water about three times allowing the water to work its way down and encourage the roots to dig deep for the water. Now the two questions I have are listed below. Thank you so much for any help that is given I greatly appreciate it.

  1. I know Rachio has a smart weathering system built in place to skip a schedule if it has detected rain in the previous or coming 24hrs, but if it rains on a Monday and the schedule is set to water on Wednesday is there an option to skip? or do I just have to disable and enable it? definitely seems like a waist to water a couple days after it has already rained.

  2. Being that the water conservancy recommend that I cycled my system three time to water ex amount of minutes per cycle can this schedule be added to accommodate that?


Some quick answers to your questions. Some others may be able to help more. I have only been using my Rachio for about a month.

  1. On the app, under the Device on the top, there is a rain delay option. You can set that to 1-7 days.

  2. The Rachio automatically does this. If you click on your monthly schedule and select the next day it is scheduled to water, it will show you the details of the watering cycle. It will either cycle though all the zones 3 times, allowing for a “Cycle Soak” or, if only certain zones are scheduled to water, It will show a “Cycle Soak” time in between the watering.

I have included a picture of one of my schedules. (I am using Flex Schedules)

I hope that helps!

Thank you so much for the reply thanks to your answer I figured out the rain delay action if only the system was smart enough to know that it rained on x day so now the schedule will push back the water date automatically. Maybe in some future update. As for the cycle time I checked my schedule and it hasn’t been doing that it has just been watering the zone for x amount of time then moving on. I will try to work with the schedule system. Thank you again.

  1. I’ve had some luck with IFTTT recipes. Check out It should mostly do what you want.

  2. may answer your cycling questions. Maybe the run time per zone is too short for cycling to be needed. Be sure to double check your zone settings have clay soil type.

@Rafaelcab This article should help explain our smart cycle feature.

There is a very helpful chart that shows based on your soil type, nozzle, and slope the maximum amount of time the system will water before soaking for 30 minutes, then cycling again.

Also, if you have any drip or emitter nozzles those need to be in a different watering schedule as they won’t allow the smart cycle feature to be enabled.

Hope this helps!


Flex is the most perfect solution but requires expert setup. If you like open a thread under the flex category and we the community will help get you started if you need it.