Can you make one zone manual only?

One of our zones - our lawn - now has high end artificial turf. As a result, I don’t need it watered constantly. I only want to use the lawn sprinklers once in a while to keep it all clean. So I’d like to exclude that zone from a regular watering schedule, and only trigger it manually. Is this possible with the Rachio controller? I’m just about to purchase the gen2 controller, but this is the one thing holding off the purchase.


Absolutely Stephen, you’re able to individually pick and choose which zones you’d like included in your schedules, and for any zones not included you always have the ability to manually run them at any time using the remote control tool.

Learn more on our Support site:

Remote Control FAQ

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Awesome! I’m ordering one right now …

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Woot! Welcome to Team Rachio :cheers: