Can you add PWS?

Can you please ad my PWS so I can use it. It’s KNYBROAD19

Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx18385


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Hoe long does it take to show up in the Rachio app.

let me guess, you have Gen 3 version or Gen 2 from costco. Am I right?

Gen 3

Alas, you did not need to add your pws anywhere, as it was already part of the network used by Gen 3 (weather underground). Usually request such as yours was for older Rachio owners who cannot use data from weather underground directly.
Right now there appears to be an issue with Weather Underground API which is causing an issue on Rachio’s end to display available stations.
I know @franz and the team are aware of the issue and working with weather underground to resolve it. Hopefully there will be a resolution soon.

Oh ok thank you for the help

How long before it’s available. It has been online with weather Underground for 3 days now.

I was told it can take up to a week from WU to be available to our systems.


Hello @franz:
I have a similar situation - I have a gen3 controller. I added a PWS a few days ago and am sending my data to wunderground. It has been a few days, yet my PWS is not available as option. I’ve been checking every day but it does not still appear. It it still taking a week to appear?

What looked like an issue on Rachio’s end, ended up a change on WU side, whereas new stations now have to pass a QC (quality control) process before they are shown as a choice via API. This process takes a week. Pwsweather has since followed suite and implemented a similar QC qualification, creating a similar delay for Gen 2 & 1 users.

A workaround exists (link) if you are not afraid of a command line. Otherwise the best bet is to wait. Note on the workaround, with Gen 3 controller, you need to omit the “PWS_” prefix within the weather station name.

Thank you @Gene. I am very comfortable messing with code. I read your instructions, and was about to implement your workaround. But, before that, I thought I’d check one more time to see if the station shows up, and it did :). So, I did not use the workaround. I setup the station on Wednesday and started sending data to wunderground, and it showed up in the controller on Saturday. Thank you.

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