Can this controller be used as a stand alone controller?

I’m re-landscaping a big front yard, and I’d like to use this as a normal (no intelligent capabilities) controller for a while to get things established.

Is that possible?

if you mean no internet connection…no

if you mean, just a dumb scheduler, yes.

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you know, having sat here for a little bit, if the internet connection is not your problem, i would abso-f-ing-lutely get this controller. just being able to turn on drip irrigation to fix leaks is worth the money along…as i have to do this more than i care to admin (3 big dogs), it has been a productivity booster foe-show.

I just don’t want the thing deciding not to water when I want it to. After establishment, my clients can do whatever they want.

Thanks for the responses!

Frank in Austin (2500+ systems in the ground)

no i totally understand your concern there. customers change your schedule and they want to know why their new turf/plants are burning up.

so you will be able to create a fixed schedule that does EXACTLY what you need it to do (and it is soooooo much easier than these analog turds still floating around on the shelves) that much i can promise you as a user.

I don’t think that will happen. As I said, I don’t want the autonomous programming to take over and change the schedule. These people have a great ICC I have to remove and buy 2 of these since it can’t handle more than 16 zones.

I have read that the Raccio will PREDICT rain and deny watering. In my area, that is a horrible idea. Weather prediction in my climate is very unreliable compared to the northeast.

All of the smart watering features can be disabled :wink: