Can’t remove a stuck wire

Hi, I have the Gen 2 Controller.
I can remove wires the normal way. But one of them will not release. I can’t pull it out. The little button is depressed fully, but the wire is firmly engaged.

So far, I have to cut the stuck wire and the button seems to be damaged.

I’ve seen one like this before, and the wire just would not come out. I’ve had some almost stick too. I had to push the button, then push the wire in a little more before it would release.

I was trying to remove this wire, I tried the button but I don’t know if it is stuck now.
Please let me know what can be done.

It looks like you will have to cut that wire (the terminal is broken) and use another slot. If you want to RMA the unit you can reach out to

The controller will work fine if you put the wire into another slot and change the zone number in the app.


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