Can’t operate device from the network, worried about the garden

Ok so yesterday my controller went offline, I did all the things the help guides recommended, nothing works.

Don’t remember exactly what did what but now the first light blinks 5 times white and a red one once in a while.

I did the “stop button reset”, everything turns yellow and the reboots, l think is some kind of factory reset, but then it’s the same.

All the devices in my house are iPhones with iOS 14.2 so maybe that’s why nothing works, I have no access to older devices.

If I try the windows 10 solution I can’t connect but the command returns that the host rejected the connection or something similar, so nothing there.

now I’m worried the device won’t water the garden as original programmed because all of this resetting, it is summer here, plant will die quickly if I don’t solve this.

Also if I try to use the device buttons (physical ones) It doesn’t work

How can I water the garden in an emergency like this?

Manually turn on the valve using the knob on top of the valve?

Yes, that’s thwart I’ll do until I get this thing sorted out

I installed mine a couple of months ago and it hasn’t run once. For all intents and purposes, it appears to be a $200 blue light that does nothing whatsoever. I put my RainBird back on the wall. Saving $40 of water isn’t worth risking thousands of dollars in landscaping.

I have two of them our 2 homes, Oh & Fl. I agree many users have gotten lost in the complexity, however not necessary to dump it. Suggest, hook it back up, program start in 10 min. If no start run each zone manually. If still won’t start check if pump starts running. If you bought to save money on water with all the weather anticipation software, stick with Rainbird. I use to control schedule from remote location, otherwise I would have a manual control. Keep it simple.

You may need a WIFI signal enhancer to strengthen your signal. We called it a repeater in the computer business.

It has nothing to do with the Wi-Fi signal, the device won’t boot (or won’t boot to a level it can normally operate).

Since I’m outside the USA I have no further recourse and the seller didn’t respond well, so this is the end of the Rachio adventure for me.

Last week bought the dumbest most simple 6 zone controller I could find and it works as expected.

I liked the Rachio but it didn’t worked for me

The company is very good about sending replacements for defective products.

At any rate, good luck to you and stay safe.