Can’t manually turn on zone after weather skip

Is there a way to turn on a zone after a weather skip. It’s rain here for 2 weeks and now it has not rained in 3 days and I would like to fertilize my yard but can’t get the rachio to turn each zone. It says it is running but nothing happening. Please help!

When was the last time if worked? Are you saying no matter what you do (Quick Run a zone or run a schedule), the Rachio says it is watering, but no water is coming out? How many zones, schedules, and sprinkler boxes?

If no water at all, I would go to a zone and manually turn on the valve, usually turning the solenoid about 1/4 turn counterclockwise. If water comes out, I might start to check the wiring which might sound difficult, but rarely is. If nothing is working, I might start with the common wires connected to the Rachio. Oh, do you have a master valve or pump? What about some kind of sensor?