Can rachio replace my existing controller?

Total noob here. I assume each wire going in to my current controller is considered a “zone”. Seeing as there are less than 8, I think the 8 zone gen 2 is sufficient for my needs.

I’ve uploaded a picture of the wiring in my current controller. Is there anyone with experience that can tell me what else I should check before I purchase



Thanks for the wiring photo. A great candidate for replacement!

Here is a wiring diagram of Gen 2

After replacing, if you still have wiring issues or questions, just send your before/after wiring photos to and they will get you running in no time.

Thanks and have a great day!


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Seems like pretty straight forward setup, 8 zone controller should work for you.

You may have trouble connecting all four of your common wires to a single C terminal on 8 port Rachio, I recommend you split them into two pairs and twist the ends of each pair together before inserting them into separate C terminals (you will have 2 of the C terminals on 8 zone version).

Alternately get a cheap wire nut from your local home depot or lowes and twist all of the commons together with a new wire going from newly made bundle to one of the C terminals of your new Rachio. This will allow you to leave a second one available just in case.


@Gene humbled again by your wiring knowledge



Thanks for the great advice franz & Gene. This community is already proving to be way beyond any expectations I had. I’ll be making the purchase shortly :+1:


@the_paper_pusher - @Gene is right on with the wire nut option to leave an open common port for you. Other than checking to see that you have WiFi signal at that location (at least non-weak) and power to plug in the Rachio, you should be good to go. The wiring is straight forward. If/when you have any questions on zone settings post back to the board and I’m sure someone will jump in an assist.