Can Rachio 3rd Gen Do Better

What are all your requirements for days again?

As for something as regular as every other Friday, you’ll have to just skip fridays, assuming you chose a end before sunrise type of schedule. If you chose start after sunset you’d skip Thursday’s.

How often do you fertilize? If it’s only every few months then I’d just manually go in and do a quick run after they fertilize. It’ll be calculated in the soil moisture so it won’t then try and water again the next day.

Having it skip just one day a week is what I do as well and it’s all good. Skipping several days each week makes it a little more restrictive but I really wouldn’t worry about skipping just Friday’s.

I actually only have lawn zones skipped day before mowing. I still let my shrubs get water. That’s one reason I use two schedules, both on flex daily. The other is my drip runs long, so I have it start after sunset.

Here’s a support article on how to do the calculations.

I set my Flex Daily Schedule up using Specific Days. With that you deselect the day you don’t want it to water. It would have to be every week, not every other week though. (Mine is off every Friday for the lawn mowing).

If you have an adhoc day you don’t want it to water, you can tell it the day before to skip the next day.