Can I put a zone in a schedule more than once?

I want to set up a schedule that includes a zone more than once. For instance, run zones 1 through 12, then run zone 4 again at the end. How can I do that?

We don’t currently support that. But if you’re looking to re-run that zone because you wanted water to soak in, that is possible. If you set zone 4 to the total desired time you want it to run in the schedule, make sure the cycle/soak setting is enabled and it may give you what you’re looking for. Cycle/Soak will run a zone for some time, run other zones, then come back to finish the watering time of that zone if it’s needed based on your soil settings (how much water your soil can handle).

Thanks. That would make all the zones cycle/soak, right? Is is possible to have just one zone of a schedule cycle/soak, and not the others?
Much simpler if I could add a zone twice and choose the times, rather than have to come up with guesses as to my soil type and the other parameters that let the software choose soak cycles.
I’d like to be able to tell my programmable sprinkler controller what I want it to do.

Just create two schedules for that zone, or extra separate schedule for it. Maybe turn off the saturation detection on 2nd schedule.