Can I copy one controller to the other?


I just got my new controller up, is it possible to copy my old dead and gone controller to me controller?


copy this adress


Is there something specific? I cant use the gen 1 to gen 2, I didn’t have that option, or maybe I overlooked it.


@plainsane ->

You may need to email support if you’re already past that step.


Yea, I didn’t see that option, my old unit was a gen 2 and so is the new one…I had a zone setup and controller setup option, not a copy


@plainsane - forgot you had the Gen2 that got zotted. I’d ping @Franz or


Yea,it got zotted right in its starfish, I’ll hit me up, I just hate bothering them…



Do you still need this done?



Yea :(. No rush but can we copy aqua monkey to flowcephus?


OK, either tonight or sometime tomorrow. I’ll test out our gen 2 - - gen 2 copy process. What can go wrong?


Well even if it goes tits up, 1, I love you guys so I won’t care and 2 my system is not fully operational so it will have no negative impact, y’all can wait wed for all I care


How does it look?



Just like the original gangsta!


HAHAHA, I love it. Wish I was more creative with the naming of my Rachio…


I can’t help myself, had some awesome names but when I knew I had to post them in this forum I punched out


LOL! Great name!