Can Fixed Schedules be set to repeat every year now?

I don’t know if they’ll ever implement that, so I got a used RainMachine HD12 on eBay. :grinning:

I am glad the flex daily schedule works well for you.

I want to use the 1,2,3,2,1 watering technique. To do this, I need to setup a start/end date for each window. Currently, this is only possible if I go in each year to adjust the end dates as it includes the year.

Regardless, even if I use Flex Daily, I will still need to go in each year to set the system to standby mode, so it doesn’t water during the winter, as I have no need for that.

So, whatever I choose, I am stuck with having to go into the system to make changes each year. While the Flex Daily schedule would most likely work for most people, enabling a feature to repeat each year instead of only that one year doesn’t seem that far-fetched of a request.

It’s baffling to me why Rachio wasn’t implemented this yet. All they need is a “repeat” button.

It is really simple to enable and disable schedules as needed. I keep a number of seed schedules, and just enable them in the fall when I’m overseeding…

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Will enabled schedules automatically repeat every year?

Not if you put an end date to the schedule, but that’s what I’m saying, to disable a schedule is as easy as a tap of the screen.

But if you have a different schedule for each month (or 2 months, or 3 months, …), then each time you have to disable one and enable the one for the next period.