We are looking to reach out to our Fresno, CA based customers for a little project we are working on. If you are in Fresno, and interested in getting some swag for a little bit of your time, please DM me!


I am interested in participating in the project. Please let me know we how I can help.

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I am interested in knowing more, I have had a generation 1 for 4 to 5 years, it worked great in Fresno until 2 to 3 years ago when the weekly watering time adjustments were changed to monthly and Fresno implemented seasonal watering schedule (1, 2 or 3 days per week based on season). Since then I have struggled, unsuccessfully, with the help your tech support to resolve this. I am encouraged by Fresno providing free Rachio controllers and this post that my 2+ year yard watering disaster will be coming to an end.

Hey @Clinton-

This project was working with Fresno to offer free controllers with a local nonprofit, which it sounds like you are already aware of. I would love to help resolve the issues you are running into with your watering schedule, do you mind elaborating a bit on this issue?

McKynzee :rachio:

I have been working with your tech support, unsuccessfully, for over two years to resolve problems created by change in the Rachio software 2-3 years ago and later Fresno’s new watering restrictions. The Rachio weather/seasonal watering duration updates went from weekly to monthly and about the same time Fresno implemented watering restrictions That limited watering to certain days based on the season, basically winter 1 day sat, spring 2 days tues & sat, summer 3 days tues, thurs & sat, Fall 2 days tues & sat.
Fresno needs at least weekly watering duration updates based on upcoming weather, high temps can very as much as 30 degrees from one week to another with highs up to 110 or greater.
And because of Fresno’s watering restrictions, I need to be able to change the days allowed to water 4 times a year.
Please check with your support group for my prior email correspondence, last one on Jan 30, 2017. I will also attempt to forward the last email string to you.