Calendar droplets color icon

I love how we now have the option to change the droplets color Within calendar a very welcoming feature thank you Rachio

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We do? All I see are blue or amber (skipped).

@milehiguy - if your Rachio app is updated go to calendar tab then select schedule you should be able to see the color click on it and then you can change it to what ever color you would like

Neat feature! Can you put it on the Web version too? :wink:

Hmmm, are you running the Android app or the iOS/iPadOS app? Not seeing this option on the iPad app.

Edit: I’m guessing that you may be using the Android app, or you updated your iOS app before I did. I just checked the App Store and an update (4.1.13) was available for my iPad (it wasn’t earlier today). After installing, I now see the option to specify the color of each zone.

@laura.bauman Can we now have it so that more than one droplet can appear for any given day, assuming more than one schedule is set to run that day? i.e. a blue droplet and a green droplet on the same day

I’m running iOS and iPadOS