Calculating water usage

To calculate water usage, wouldn’t inputting the number of each kind of nozel per zone be more accurate than estimating square footage of each zone (especially since it already knows what kind of nozels are in the zone)?

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday figuring out how many square feet in each zone, which was not only not easy, but I’m guessing not very accurate.

@Fitnessmentor, You make a fair point regarding the way we calculate water usage.

With Flow Sensors (/Meters) now in Beta testing, we’re hoping to do one better than calculating, and accurately measure the water used. :wink:
However, I do realize the cost of purchasing & installing a Flow Meter can be prohibitive, so I offer that tid-bit only to emphasize where our focus lies right now.

The nozzle count input is definitely an idea worth tracking, and has been suggested by others as well - thanks for putting it out there!

Just to let you know, we are listening to all feedback and suggestions - yours is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

~Lucas :rachio:

Is a flow sensor a separate product we buy from Rachio or are you talking about a 2nd meter the water company would install?


Just got a reply from Skyler via email concerning the same topic, so I’m also expressing my suggestion here as well to add the # of nozzles/zone to the app to improve the water usage accuracy. While I totally get how y’all are calculating the water usage presently (my job is a Leak Detection Specialist for an oil & gas pipeline company so I really do understand these sort of formulas!! :grin:), it just makes more sense to me to also include the # of nozzles/zone along with the present usage formula. I would completely agree as well, with including flow sensor(s) into the overall equation because that would just increase the accuracy even more. But at the consumer level, flow sensors may not be something everyone can afford just yet.

Just got my Gen 2 IRO so I’m eagerly looking forward to the healthier lawn, plants, and trees…not to mention a trimmer water bill! Doing my best to spread the word about this awesome product too!!


I don’t get how nozzle count would be useful here. Even nozzles with the same in/hr will vary widely in GPM. For example, a 90 degree rotor should be approx half the GPM of a 180 degree rotor, yet same in/hr. And a sprayer that covers 10’ would have a far different GPM than a sprayer that covers 6’ even if they have the same in/hr. The user would end up having to create a ridiculous number of custom nozzle entries all with their own unique GPM, even when the in/hr is the same.

Would make more sense to just let the user input the total GPM of each zone. Fairly easy to calculate by looking at your nozzle specs and PSI. Or alternatively, run a zone for 10 minutes and check your meter reading before and after.