Calculating the next day to water

There are two improvements that can be made in scheduling the next day to water:

  1. When a watering day is skipped due to rain, the next watering day is not calculated, it just remains whatever the schedule was. An example of this would be a watering schedule of every 3 days, where it rained on the 1st day. The next watering day (day 3) would be skipped, and the following watering day would be 5 days from when it rained. When a watering day is skipped, the schedule should be recalculated.
  2. When you change frequency, from, for example, every 2 days to every 3 days, the next day is automatically selected as the first watering day. It should be calculated based upon the last day watered (or last rain, if applicable).
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wait for flex scheduling in 2.0! That will do what you are after.

@richgran, as @ghctim mentioned, this will be a feature of Flex Schedules, which will change the frequency of watering to match the water requirements for each zone. In addition to rain events, we’ll also keep track of manual runs as they also impact how much water your lawn gets and needs.

This is not a feature that will be included in 2.0. When editing Fixed Schedules (aka Watering Times in the 1.X app), we’ll prepare a watering time and frequency of watering. Any changes to our recommendations have to be overwritten by the user. Nevertheless, the first watering day can be customized. To change the start date of the watering time, please see #5 in this support article.

Hope this helps :blush:

Best, Emil