Calculated time vs specified time?

How can I tell looking at a fixed schedule whether the watering time shown is the Rachio calculated/derived time or a user override time?

On fixed schedule creation we generate watering times based on current weather conditions. If water budgeting is enabled we modify durations throughout the month using the seasonal adjustment dial. If that is not enabled, the watering times that we recommend will not change unless they are manually modified.

In our Spring release we will be making schedule more simple and more powerful. Stay tuned!


Ok, so if I wanted to see what the generated times are, I should create/replicate an existing schedule and then compare those times with what I have for my existing fixed schedule?

Probably the easiest route. Excited for our new schedules coming out, will have a preview mode, simpler to understand water budgeting, configurable freeze delay, water as needed (flex) with ET delay, and some other fun things.