Button to run zones from clock


Has any thought been given to a simple interface on the clock to run a zone from the clock without a phone/computer. This would be ideal for visits from a sprinkler contractor who will never run an app nor use a computer to control a system.


@jgmaine We have considered this and future generations of the product might include a feature like this. Thanks for passing this along!



Personally (and I might be in the minority) I love that the Iro physical unit has no display and no buttons. Saves on unit cost and one more thing that can break. There used to be a landscaper access that my gardener could easily access from his smart phone web browser to check zones for leaks. That’s sadly gone now, but @franz mentioned in another post that something similar would be coming out by this Friday (OK, I’m kidding… @franz said it was coming out but definitely not by this Friday)


Perhaps an add-on unit for those that want this control


Yes, this is being resurrected. Super simple, put in an email (maybe SMS), recipient gets a URL that allows them to manually control the device, without installing our app or even registering for an account :wink:



I mean a piece of hardware. If the contractor has bad cell service (and you don’t want to give him access to your WiFi network) it won’t work. I’d happily pay $50 for a box to plug in that would let me control it like a normal sprinkler clock.


Easy solution. Buy a $50 kindle fire tablet and put it in a box next to your Iro. Done!


Franz, do you think this will be possible before Oct 30? I am scheduled for winterization on Oct 31 and was hoping NOT to replace my Rachio box with my old Rainbird controller.