Bug? Stopping manual watering doesn't stop timer on iOS app?

I’m trying to use the manual watering control (remote icon on the app) to be able to rapidly turn on and off sprinkler zones in between manually adjusting the sprinkler heads. I set the zone for the minimum run time (1 minute), manually start and then after ~10 seconds stop. The system does all of this correctly, except that I still have to wait the full remaining cycle time (ie ~50 seconds) before I can manually start again. Is there a way to also immediately reset the timer so that I can immediately turn on another zone?

Running version 2.2.2 of the app on an iphone 6s under iOS 9.1

(Sorry if this is a duplicate question, I searched through the forum and couldn’t find anything on this.)

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll have our iOS team take a look. In the meantime if you do experience this behavior, I believe you can exit the remote (tap the X at the top), then do a Pull to refresh which will synchronize the device state with the app. Opening the remote after the refresh should have it show the correct state of the device.

Sorry for any inconvenience, I’ll let you know ASAP what our iOS team finds.


I just went to try your suggestion, and now everything is working correctly, ie I can’t recreate the problem. I wonder if it was a more subtle bug? ie I just got the unit, and the manual runs were the first ever for those zones, ie their was no run history. Anyway, I will re-post if the problem happens again.

I do believe I had tried the refresh when it wasn’t working this morning. It was very strange, it still showed the status as counting down (ie time left to run in the zone). I also quit out, killed and restarted the app, and it was still counting down. The big difference now is when I press stop, I get a pop up message at the bottom of the screen saying “stopped running …” and everything resets. I wasn’t getting that message this morning and the stop button was still there (even though it had successfully stopped the zone from running.)

I did notice a buffering issue with some of our events this morning, and now I can’t reproduce this issue. That might have been the root cause for this. Everything seems back to normal, can you try again? I have some test zones (not hooked up to solenoids) if you don’t want to actually irrigate.



yep, it is working now.

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Great, sorry for the inconvenience, you should not experience that again. For some devices this morning it looked like some outgoing messages (Hey, I stopped watering!) weren’t getting to us in a timely manner. That would explain why the mobile app was a little confused.