Bug (minor): Zone selection menu doesn't update

In the iOS app, after updating a zone name on the web site, the zone selection menu from the manual watering control does not update… until the zone’s tile on the home screen of the app is scrolled down into view, which appears to refresh the zone’s info. Seems that viewing the zone selection menu should also update zone names from the server.

Hey @mkpa-

I wasn’t able to replicate this on my end- want to make sure I am following the correct steps. Let me know if this sounds right:

  1. Change zone name on iOS
  2. Hit back
  3. Without refreshing, select remote
  4. Check zone names in the remote

Thanks for trying this. I’m sorry, I didn’t mention that it occurs when the zone name change is done on a different device from where you run the remote. In my case I believe I changed the zone name on my iOS device, and the problem showed up on my wife’s iOS device. If the name refresh has to go through the cloud, I think it’s not working to refresh the zone selection list in the remote.