Bug - Metric to Imperial



Got the system 2ish weeks ago and its a bit overwhelming to setup, after doing cup tests and everything, I thought I was in the clear, but the system was trying to run my zones for a long time every day, weird since I got away with 2-3 hrs for the whole system every few days on my old rainbird.

Anyways, after some debugging I found this:

On the android app, I was in metric mode, created a custom nozzle, because I did cup tests. My cups collected 1 cm / hour. I created the nozzle with that spec. I now switch to imperial, and this nozzle reads 0.06in/hr, which works out to about 0.15cm / hr, not 1cm. This explains why the system thinks I wasnt getting any water.

This bug is very easily replicated.


@teekae Thank you for reporting this. I have sent this to our Android development team and we will get a fix out.



@teekae This has been fixed and will be submitted to the Android Play store in the next day or so. Look for 2.6-204.


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