BUG - Conversion US Standard - Metric

I run a Rachio 3 (fw iro3-firmware-hk-5-615)
There was a conversion (BIG) error between US Standard and Metric…
The Available Water in Advanced zone set up is wrong!
The values remain the same in US Standard and Metric…!!

the standard measurement in metric is mm/m (millimeter / meter) not mm/mm as show…
All the other conversion seems ok!

for my soil texture, I need to put the “Available Water: 200 mm/m (millimeter / meter)”.
but… I can understand witch value use!!

I think there is confusion on the labeling. We use that value as a fraction of available water, so we don’t convert it from inches <> mm.

Here is a better explanation of that value.


Ok, perfect!
Great news!
but you need to update the Rachio interface in metric system for show in/in also when rachio is set as metric system.
doing this there was no confusion :wink:

Here in Italy we use Available Water as fraction but not inches/inches but millimeter/meter :wink:

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Please look at table 2 (conversion).
Rachio set as default for clay 0.15 in/in.
maybe is better a value of 0.21 in/in.