Brand new install 4.58x as much? How to find settings

I installed my new Rachio 3 yesterday (Sunday). I used Flex Daily settings and it watered 4.58x as long as my previous - which had seemed right for the yard. I’m sure it had to do with settings but I’m not sure how to correct. Reading many of the comments in the community I see references to thing like soil type, crop setting, nozzle size/type, etc. but can find no information on how to access these. Is there some more in-depth help/guidance/manual with this kind of information?
Frankly I’m frustrated with apparent complexity of settings but most seem to be hidden or hard to access and understand the impact of them. Added to limited help information this makes for a difficult time.

Steve Sz.

When you set up your zones for the first time, the program asks you questions about each zone, and you answer them, which includes type of grass or crop, type of dirt, etc. Quite often, that’s all the answers you’ll have to ask, without getting into Advanced settings.

You can look at how it will water and such from the Zone’s Moisture graph. Could you post a pic of a typical zone?

Have you taken a look at these links? They should help to get you started.

There is actually quite a bit of information on the support site.

Just be patient. When I first got my Rachio, it overwhelmed me a bit as I didn’t know anything about watering a lawn.Now that I’ve learned some things, I’ve discovered that it could be hugely complex, and Rachio has actually boiled it down to a few key things to try and get the watering right for unique yard.

And feel free to ask questions of the community.

Thank you for the guidance. It was cleverly hidden but I found those advanced settings. I also found the article called “Available Water Capacity Verification” with a link to a document called “Using Web Soil Survey to Define your Soil Settings”. This guide makes it easy to navigate what appears to be a very complex website to determine your water capacity and the soil type. Highly recommend those. I had the soil type quite wrong and after going through the guide I was able to determine what I have and to fix it. Daily Flexible now shows about 1.5X my previous which makes more sense. Still will need more tweaking but this kept me from going crazy…

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