Bought a house with Rachio installed already

New to this forum so apologies if I am asking things that have already been covered!

Bought a house with Rachio already installed. Setup my wireless router and modem, internet works fine on other devices. However on my Rachio it says it connects fine on the app setup but then says it is Offline right away. I have reconnected the Rachio multiple times, reset it and reconnected, reset my router and even updated my router firmware. Each time I reconnect the Rachio to wifi, it says it is successful and then says it is offline on the app

Any advice please?

@ivonrei1 - welcome to the community.

Did the prior owner transfer the unit to you or disconnect it from their account? If you’re not sure, then I’d take a picture of the serial number (to prove you have it) and send it into support.

If you know the prior owner, they can transfer the Rachio to you via the current version of the application.

Which Rachio generation 1, 2 or 3?

What flavor of app is being used - iOS or Android?

Pretty sure the prior owner didn’t transfer or disconnect. I cannot get in touch with them.

I am using iPhone. Not sure which generation of Rachio I have

@ivonrei1 - then send the picture of the serial number into and they should be able to move it over or tell you if it is still connected to another account.

If you find a model number that ends in -B it is a Gen 2, -C a Gen 3, white square device with no letter at the end is a Gen 1.