Bought 8 zone, got a 16 zone

Not a problem, nice surprise :-). I picked up a 8 zone at Home Depot 10 July, when I got home and installed it I thought it was a bit weird that it had zones 9-16 listed as well…now I see that it was a 16 zone packaged into an 8 zone box. Not sure if other packages are like this, but since you charge more for a 16 zone, I would check on it.
I’m loving it 5 days into it, but like others have said, a soil and moister tester (like Edyn smart garden) that will sync ground moisture levels in each zone back to Iro and allow for more accurate and responsive watering would be a great feature.
Also, I too didn’t know which end to start plugging in the zone wires, so I started closest to the “C” wire…I picked wrong and found out zone 8 is the slot right next to the “c” wire and zone 1 is the farthest away (bottom left). If one does put the wires in wrong, there are some options…push in the button and remove the wires and start over (called doing it the right way), or just disable all of the non-connected zones and label the connected zones accordingly.

Keep up the great work!

@lwcomdeco‌ Thanks for letting us know about the mix up. We’ll pass the info on.

Yep, sensors are on our radar and we’ll be getting labels on our next batch.

+1 on the moisture sensor addition, been wanting the same thing myself

@lwcomdeco‌ Thanks for letting us know about the mix up. We’ll pass the info on.

Yep, sensors are on our radar and we’ll be getting labels on our next batch.

Imagine a world with…

HomeKit (iOS 8)
Edyn Smart Garden
and Iro all talking to each other!

I guess you could also throw in my Google owned Nest…

My world complete….LoL. I have the Nest as well, was actually one of the first to get one. Since Google bought them, I am now looking at the Honeywell Lyric.

@ lwcomdeco I just bought the Honeywell wifi thermostat ($99 at HomeDepot) and its great. I need everything to be controllable remotely for my vacation home which is 750 miles away.

Adding labels is a good idea…took me a couple minutes to determine where 1 vs 8 was.

Other piece of feedback about the physical units is there is not enough room for the wires. The controller the Iro replaced had wires entering it in something like a 3/4" PVC pipe and plenty of room to route several extra inches of 16 zones worth of wires. In order to avoid cutting back and re-stripping all of the wires I had to mount the Iro further up on the wall and leave some of the wires exposed. Controller looks better but installation looks worse. Some more internal room would be good.

Picture to illustrate previous post…

Newer production units will have the terminals labelled. We have added some more information into the user manual as well.

Regarding the wire input on the Iro, we’ve been amazed at the many different wiring methods and constructions our users have at their locations. To the point where we pass around some of the pictures we get on the support line. We picked an input hole size we believed would suffice for the design of the plastic mold and it works out for most cases, but in hindsight, bigger would be better. We have noted it on the design update list. Thanks for the input, have fun with your Iro!