Block times to NOT water

My watering schedule starts at 4 am. Due to the duration, it’s still running at 7:00 am when my Kids are waiting for the bus. Is there a way to block out for example 7 to 7:30 to not run, them resume where it left off?

They don’t have a feature like this. Your best option is to move the start time earlier. How much longer after 7am does your system run?

Gotcha well its a good suggestion for enhancement - new sod so watering times are long and don’t complete till 9:30

How are you watering your new sod right now? Are there several zones?

This is a common enhancement request. Many of us need a 10 AM to 6 PM block out period to comply with local watering restrictions.

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A quick fix for now is to have 2 watering times. For example for @wakeX2 time for your 1st Schedule watering would be @4am and make sure to only include the zones for enough time to finish watering by 6:30am the latest. Then create the 2nd watering schedule to start at 7:30am watering the remainder of your zones to finish up watering for the day.
I have setup my sprinklers this way. For mine I don’t want the sprinklers to water between 6:30am to 7:30am. So I set mine up to start watering zones 1 thru 3 at 4am which end prior to 6am, then I setup another schedule to water starting at 7:30am to complete watering the remainder zones 4 thru 8.

Maybe this will work for you as well.


Thank you guys for your suggestions… breaking up the schedule into two separate times sounds like my best bet till enhancements have been made