Blink up failed about 100 times with Apple iPhone 5S

New out-of-the-box 16 zone Iro.

Using Apple iPhone 5S with Rachio app installed.

Phone on wifi, go through setup, enter wifi password (I checked, its correct).

Wifi light is blinking on Iro, start Blink-up in dark room, pressed right up against eye of Iro.

“BlinkUp Failed! Request timed out.”

Tried 100 times, even used my iPad, all no-go.

Using wifi WPA2 Personal security on 2.4 ghz band.

Called Rachio, support had me change channel for wifi, still didn’t work.

Support guy gave up and said someone else with more wifi setup experience will call me back “in one or two hours, definitely before the end of the day”.

It’s 7:13PM EST, no call back.

Why no ethernet port for setup?

–Frustrated customer

Are you in a darkened area so other light doesn’t obscure the view of the phone? Do you have the brightness on your phone turned all the way up? Are you pressing the phone against the front iro panel over the reader? Make sure your phone is on the same wifi network iro will see.

Take a deep breath. It does work. I’ve done it to mine a couple of times. Rachio will get you through it.

@AlbanyHDTV, good evening. Do you know who you spoke to on Rachio support? I’m very sorry for any frustration. This is not normal for our product. I’ll PM you to follow up.

@AlbanyHDTV, just emailed you from Please reply at your earliest convenience and I’d be happy to help.

@AlbanyHDTV, thanks for connecting with me on support. I’m glad we were able to track down and resolve the issue. We appreciate your support and patience.

Best, Emil

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Way to go @emil !


While I am appreciative of @Emil 's quick response, the “resolution” was to replace the unit. There was no fix for my existing Iro.

I am eager to install the unit and be able to control zones with my iPhone from the yard without having to walk back to the controller each time. I’ve installed at least 15 other sprinkler systems for friends & neighbors. My local irrigation wholesaler says both Toro and Rainbird have wifi controllers in development.

BlinkUp worked the first try with the replacement Iro.

Thank you, @emil.


@AlbanyHDTV, thanks for the update! That’s how it should work :smile:

Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Best, Emil

I am having the same issue and cant hook up old system, called support but just keeps asking for me to leave a message, problem is I’m at the lake house in barstow area and just got my grass back to green and don’t want to lose it again but i have to work during the week and wont be able to stay here to manually water the grass. I have checked the router and still get the error saying blink up failed even put the device in the room and turned off the lights and have tried two devices


Thanks for reaching out to us. Really sorry that you are having issues with this blink up process and that you have not been able to speak with one of our team members.

Is there a good number to reach you at? I can give you a call quickly.

Thanks again,

@apsc, just wanted to check in to see how your Iro was working? I know we’ve been playing phone tag with you. In reviewing your account, the Iro appears to be online. Could you please confirm and let us know what you did to get your Iro online?

Best, Emil