Best way to increase watering for zones with Flex Daily

I’ve been using Flex daily scheduling for my entire yard. A few zones look dryer than I’d like. What’s the best way to increase the amount of watering in these zones?

I was thinking of maybe changing Allowed Depletion down. I tried changing from 50% to 30% but it still look dry.

Am I on the right track, but change even lower, or is there an easier way.

@mogulman - Lowering the precipitation rate on the nozzle will increase run time -> and therefore put more actual water down.

If you haven’t run a catch cup test, I’d suggest lowering the rate from the nozzle and returning Allowed Depletion back to the default value as is seems like those zones aren’t getting enough water

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Have you looked at the “Durations” part of the schedule? You can bump the run times directly there.

So if I increase duration up to 120% for 2 zones, will Flex daily then water less often?

@mogulman Another thread on this subject: Increase amount of water

Thanks… so it looks like duration or nozzle rate will both do what I want without changing frequency.

No, Flex daily will not water less often.

I had the same problem. I needed to increase/decrease water on various zones. The single best way I find to do that is by changing the root depth of the zone (I try to make the other settings for the zone accurate - type of plants, soil, sprinkler heads, etc.)