Best way to approach Flex Daily - New User

Just installed a new controller this week and now am trying to tune it up. I have 4 zones of mixed drought tolerant vegetation. Clay soil in Southern California. I set up flex daily and the system calculated 51 min per zone. Watering “AnyDays”. My old controller was set to twice a week at 10 min per zone and that seemed OK. I switched the new controller to manual until I can better understand how daily flex works

Any suggestions?

So I assume that you have 4 spare zones which you could therefore use as simulations while running your actual 4 zones as Fixed Schedule zones, at your previous 10 mins twice weekly

The main thing is that you need to get your parameters correct. Calculate your area correctly, and you should run each zone for 10 mins individually and not the quantity of water used now, to calculate the nozzle inches per hour (quantity / area / mins) * 60.

The other important settings would be for the co-efficient, which should possibly be around 70, and the root depth, which should possibly be around 6" max.

Finally, hopefully you have a PWS yourself, or relatively close by.

Feel free to post a pic of your settings for a zone here and someone will be able to guide you if you’ve got something wrong.